If you’re looking to rent luggage for a flexible period of time, you’ve come to the right place! We provide suitcases in Small (Cabin), Medium & Large sizes, in a range of colours. Orders and payments are taken via our website and a confirmation email will follow. Now relax, your Cargo will arrive when requested and it’ll be collected when you no longer need it.

Yes, however you won’t be able to tell the difference. All Cargo is professionally cleaned and inspected between each use, so will arrive box fresh and totally unscented.

Cargo is available in Small (Cabin), Medium & Large sizes. The range is made up 3 different styles, with the Tech Carry-On & Aluminium Carry-On only available in the Cabin size.

Cargo has partnered with DPD to fulfil all orders. The primary service delivers & collects, to & from your home or office, however you can use one of over 2,500 Drop Shops if you’d prefer.

Cargo can be delivered in just 48 hours, however you can book as far in advance as you like.

Cargo is currently available for with free 48 hour delivery and collection anywhere in the UK, however we plan to expand this in future. You can take the luggage wherever you want of course!

We have a minimum 4 day rental period, however you can rent Cargo for up to 4 weeks.

No. We hate the feeling we get when signing typical rental agreements, so we’ve decided to leave that out of the Cargo experience. We just ask you try to take care of your Cargo and treat it as if it were yours forever.

We anticipate Cargo will pick up light cosmetic wear during each trip; we just ask you do not try to tidy this up. Please leave that to us. If you do encounter heavier damage, please let us know ASAP so we can ensure this is assessed.

In the rare event that your Cargo is lost, we’ll do all that we can to support you in being reunited with your belongings. Together we’ll gather all of the required info to make the process as smooth as possible.

Your return/collection date will be set during the booking process. All you need to do is print and affix the return label to the same box(es) your Cargo arrived in. Collection or Shop Drop can be anytime on the nominated day.

Yes of course, you’ll need to purchase extra days via the website though, as we don’t store any card details. Please then forward your order confirmation info@getcargo.co.uk and we’ll match this up to your original booking.

Yes of course, however we’ll still need 48 hours to get this to you. You’ll need to place a new order via the website, as we don’t store any card details.

The minimum rental period is 4 days, which costs £35/37 dependant on size. It’s then £2 per day thereafter! Oh, and any additional Cargo will be charged at just 50%!

Nope. You can request as much Cargo as you need!

You choose your 3 digit lock code when booking and we set all of the locks for you ahead of delivery, so please contact us and we’ll remind you after we’ve verified your identity. Please don’t change the lock codes as we won’t be able to help you open the luggage and you may be charged the full value of the luggage.

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